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Short:11ch. OSS conv. of Arkanoid titlemusic
Author:neurodancer at
Uploader:neurodancer gmx de
Requires:any OSS-Player
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                        A r k a n o i d   9 9

             originally composed by Martin Galway on c64
               adapted to OSS/11ch. by Neurodancer/1oo%

This is a straight conversion (with only slight additions/changes) of
the original "Arkanoid" title music. The song always was one of my
favorite c64 tunes due to its weird, very strange drumming part based
on samples. According to the HVSC info, it was also the first attempt
of Martin Galway to use samples, and the samples were indeed pretty bad.

My version has an additional bassline for richer sound, the original
drum pattern has been enhanced by extra hi-hats and a conga/bongo
pattern. What was originally meant to be the hi-hats (I suppose :-) is
now some sort of "laser-zap" to preserve the feeling of the original.
The arpeggios are of course replaced by real (2-note) chords, and the
main line is enhanced by playing the riff on the basenote on an
additional channel. Despite the original, the endpart merges all of
the single elements together.

The bpm of the original have been measured with "Beatific", and
"Sid4Amiga", by its ability to create samples only with a choice of
voices was a great helper on the way. Actually, the song does contain
the original samples of the lead line in the break, I really liked the
idea so I kept it in. By the way the bassline of the original has such
a rich and fat sound I was tempted to use it in the conversion but
dropped it for reasons of the size of the resulting file. :)

At the moment I'm very content with the conversion and I think I'll do
a remix of the song as well, since one of my "beta hearers" :) said
he'd really like a long playing "maxi" version of the thing, with
about 5 or 6 minutes playing time.

Its really my first c64 conversion ever, and without the great work by
Ferrara and other guys who did really fat remixes/conversions of
original c64 pieces, I wouldn't have started this one. Oh, and of
course its all the fault of Stefan from Berlin who uploaded those damn
nice songs to my BBS and always nagged a little bit on me to do some
c64 conversion as well. :)

To replay, use the original OSS-Player or Delitracker and the player
module that can e.g. be found in the latest version of the 14bit Genie
archive by Chris Hodges (available on Aminet). I strongly suggest you
use a mixing frequency of at least 25khz and 14bit output/stereo (of
course you'll need some CPU power for this, ahem). The volume adjust
value in the song is meant for this setup. Using 8bit, you might get
distortions. Since I used only one command page, it may well be that
the song also replays fine with the PC version of the OSS Player.

I hope you like this one and I'd be glad to receive some feedback from
you! Please write to "neurodancer at".

Until later,

Alex aka Neurodancer/1oo%, 01-Aug-1999

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