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Short:GUI , Converts anims to gifs Various Options
Author:Bruce Steers <bsteers at>
Uploader:http://web ukonline co uk/bsteers/
Version:3.1 (21.08.99)
Required:GfxCon , Buildanim (included) and WhirlGif (found on aminet)
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Topics in this Doc ...

 1.Version Updates:       > The Progress of Anim2gif-GUI
 2.OverView:              > What it does (in a nutshell)
 3.Function:              > What it does (more description)
 4.Requirements:          > What you need to run Anim2gif-GUI
 5.Installation:          > Installing to Hard Drive
 6.Features:              > Reasons to have Anim2gif-GUI
 7.Usage:                 > How to use Anim2gif-GUI
 8.Licence:               > Registration / Copying / Using
 9.Disclaimer:            > Use It At You Own risk !
10.Contact Me:            > My email address etc.
11.Archive contents:      > whats in the archive

1.Version UpDates:
Version 3.4 (24 Sep 1999)
Added some new Functions ..
Crop The Image (Now you can crop small Anims DPaint only saves as 320/256).
Select No Dither, Dither, or Fast Dither Modes
Added Scale Option to main window instead of a popup requester
fixed the bug in selecting Transparent Colour

Version 3.3 (12 Sep 1999)
Fixed List Bug and Made Colour Choosing occur at a different time (Sooner).

Version 3.2 (11 Sep 1999)
Added A MenuItem  "Temporary Dir"
For Those without enough Mem the work dir can be set Via ASL Requester .
Default Work Dir Is T: (Ram Disk:T)

Version 3.1 (21 Aug 1999)
	List command was giving "SORT=name" for my version 42.7 of C:List so
	I changed it to execute C:Sort after C:List so that Bug IS Fixed
	Thanks Andrew Barker of Kununurra AUSTRALIA for reporting that :-)
No Version String
Original Release when I Thought it was OK :-(

Ani2Gif-GUI Converts iff anims to gif format for your Web Site .
aspects of the output gif that can be set are
Loops/Transparency/Max Colours/Size.

This utility uses "buildanim" to extract frames from an animation

it then uses "GfxCon" to resize, recolour and convert to gif

it then uses "WhirlGif" to process a gif animation.

The options passed to these programs are controlled by Ani2gif-GUI.

all 3 programs mentioned above are required in your sys:c drawer .
In addition to this Commodore's "List" And "Sort" should be in c:

I got kind permission for inclusion of

BuildAnim from Christer Sundin
d8sunch at
Thanks Chris
(A Short But Sweet O.K)

and GfxCon from Dirk Farin
farin at
Thanks Dirk
He's Upset About the People Uploading GfxCon without his permission
his Guide Says it's OK to do this with free programs but GfxCon IS EmailWare
So Contact Him Before doing so.


WhirlGif however is not included as Hannu Nevalainen kindly Explained .
WhirlGif Contains code to compress data using  the LZW/LZH(?) technique .
This technique(?) has been claimed (C) by someone (was it Unisys?)
which means it isn't "free". As it isn't free the aminet maintainer
WON'T accept any (re)uploads of it.

So to get WhirlGif DownLoad it from any full aminet site , it's found in

it's name keeps changing but it'll be "gfx/conv/WhirlGif<something>.lha"

drop Anim2gif-GUI Into Desired Directory
Copy GfxCon and Buildanim to C:
Ensure WhirlGif Is In C:

Set Time Delay 1/100

Set Loops 0<Infinite>/9999

Transparency or full colour

Transparency can be set to colour 0 or A chosen frame is loaded with a
tiny box in the top left corner displaying colour under the pointer.

If Any Settings Change , Including Window Position You Are Asked To Save them

Source In AmigaE and Most Recent Versions Will Be Available from my website (maybe not the source now but soon)

Start Anim2gif-GUI from shell or WB (note: The Exe should not be renamed)

you are presented with a GUI (most of the gadgets disabled)

first select an input IFF/ILBM animation file to use with the "Load File" Gadget

There are these options:

Time Delay ; Delay between frames in 1/50'ths second

loops      ; amount of times anim will loop (0 for infinite)

Full Colour/Transparent Cycle Gadget  ; set if you want a transparent colour.
there a 3 ways to select transparent colour.
Col 0      ; Colour 0 is used
Set        ; the colour number displayed will be used
Pick       ; a screen will open with a selected frame and you choose
             the colour by holding the Right Mouse Button..

             Note: IF the transparent colour in your gif is different than your
             ilbm it's because gfxcon remaps the colours when converting to gif
             (use Pick if this happens as it loads the converted gif file)

Scale      ; you are prompted for new X and Y Sizes.
Crop       ; a screen will open with a selected frame and you click the
             left mouse at the first X,Y position then again at the next
             you can reset the stert positions by clicking the Right Mouse

No Dither/Dither On/Fast Mode  ; you can have Floyd Stienberg Dithering
             Normal Mode Or Fast. (or off)

Clicking the "Save File" Gadget Starts The Proccess

You Will be prompted for new Scale sizes in the info window as it runs .

By Default Anim2gif-GUI uses T: to split the anim frames . if you run out of
memory there is a menu item for choosing the Temporary Dir .

This Program is VisitWare As Long As It is Complete and you visit my website you can do what you like with it

If You Would Like The Source (Amiga_E only) Visit My Website and go to Or Email me.

No Responsibility is accepted by me Bruce Steers at all
use at your own risk !

10.Contact Me: (questions/suggestions/comments/complaints/respects)

Bruce Steers

mailto:bsteers at      ; EMail ; (Website Is Not Finished But Working)


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[generic]               104932  104932 100.0% -lh0- 0204 Nov  8  1997 Anim2gif-GUI/C/GfxCon
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[generic]                 1332    3024  44.0% -lh5- 5006 Aug 21  1999 Anim2gif-GUI/C/
[generic]                 1235    2372  52.1% -lh5- 6f21 Sep 23  1999 Anim2gif-GUI/
[generic]                  842    2084  40.4% -lh5- 14e3 Sep 23  1999 Anim2gif-GUI/
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