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                         Boppin' Features
o  150 levels
o  over 2500 tile images
o  All graphics in 32 colors
o  Animated story
o  Multiple endings
o  over 40 sound effects in stereo
o  15 unique pieces of multitrack music
o  One or two players (simultaneous play)
o  Second player can start at any time
o  Full-featured editor with online help
o  Easy playing of custom-designed levels
o  Passwords for saving progress in game
o  High score display and save
o  Hard drive installable
o  PAL and NTSC supported

Boppin' requires 1 megabyte of memory and will run on all Amigas.  
Joystick required, mouse recommended for Editor.  Two player option 
requires second joystick.

Boppin' will be available May 15, 1992 from
     P.O. Box 1034
     Golden, Colorado, U.S.A.  80402
     (303) 490-2939

Dealer and Distributor inquiries are welcome.


                        Controls of Boppin'

During the menus:

Use a joystick to move through the menus: push up and down to move to 
another option, push left or right to change selection.  Click button to 
make selection.

During the story:

click button to advance story
Press ESC to skip story and get right to the game

During the game:

Move joystick left and right make character walk.  Yeet and Boik are 
smart enough not to fall off edges (although if they are standing on 
bopping blocks which get knocked out from under them then they will fall).

Characters appear on sources, each character has their own source.

Throwing blocks also appear on sources.

Pick up prizes and throwing blocks by moving over them.

Aim a throwing block by holding the button down and moving stick left 
or right.  Releasing the button throws the block in the selected 
direction (to cancel the throw, center the stick before releasing the 

To ride elevators, step onto an elevator and push up and down on the 

To call an elevator to your level, hold stick button down and push stick
left (or right) towards the elevator "shaft".

To push a bopping block, stand next to block, hold stick button down and
push stick left (or right) towards the block.

You can catch a throwing block while it is in flight by running into it.

If you don't want the throwing block you currently are holding, stand on 
your source and pull the stick down and release.  The block will be blown 
up and a new one will come in.  This will cost you points and if you 
don't have enough points then it will cost a life.

If a throwing block is stuck in flight for some reason (bouncing back 
and forth between two refractors, for instance), stand on your source and 
pull the stick down and release.  This will cost you points (not as much 
as changing a carried block) and if you don't have enough points then it 
will cost a life.

Goal is to clear the world of bopping blocks.  Do this by throwing 
blocks which match the bopping blocks.  A mismatch will cost a life.  If
one of four simple patterns are completed by your throwing block then a
monster will be released for bonus points.  Remember, it may be possible to
push blocks into position to form part of a pattern which you can then
complete.  Also, gravity can change the position of the bopping blocks 
which can reveal patterns.

During play, the following key presses are operable:

Help     : Calls up summary of keys allowed during game and what they do.

ESC      : Aborts the game and returns you to the main menu.

'R'      : Restarts the world you are currently on.  You will lost 
           all that you have gained.  You will not regain all that you
           have lost.

F1       : kills player 1 (for those rare circumstances in which a
           character gets trapped)

F10      : kills player 2

F4 or 'S': toggles music on and off

SPACE    : pauses game.  Press space to unpause (for fun, try pressing
           another key other than the ones above during the game!)

During the menus, the following keys are operable:

F4 or 'S': toggles music on and off

To exit the program, press ESC while in the Credits Menu.

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    1758     860 51.0% 10-Apr-92 14:30:48
    5860    5500  6.1% 08-Apr-92 23:30:22
  146174  131202 10.2% 08-Apr-92 23:39:02  boppindemo.sounds
   26125   23790  8.9% 10-Apr-92 06:19:56  boppindemo.tiles
   14541   13364  8.0% 05-Sep-91 19:54:34  boppindemocharacter.tiles
    4827    4516  6.4% 09-Apr-92 01:28:20  boppindemomisc.tiles
    5300    4662 12.0% 09-Apr-92 01:21:58  boppindemomonsters
    1576    1017 35.4% 13-Dec-90 12:29:12  demo.font
    4119    1857 54.9% 10-Apr-92 15:26:24  readme
    1132     526 53.5% 14-Mar-91 15:48:00  small.font
    1444     805 44.2% 13-Dec-90 12:28:48  title.font
   63066   59177  6.1% 10-Apr-92 18:56:46  boppindemo.imgs
  148580   79359 46.5% 11-Apr-92 16:52:56  boppindemo
-------- ------- ----- --------- --------
  424502  326635 23.0% 02-Sep-95 00:00:00   13 files

Contents of game/demo/Boppin.lha
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[generic]                  860    1758  48.9% -lh1- 6b3b Apr 10  1992
[generic]                 5500    5860  93.9% -lh1- 6b9c Apr  8  1992
[generic]               131202  146174  89.8% -lh1- 44c5 Apr  8  1992 boppindemo.sounds
[generic]                23790   26125  91.1% -lh1- 0458 Apr 10  1992 boppindemo.tiles
[generic]                13364   14541  91.9% -lh1- 9641 Sep  5  1991 boppindemocharacter.tiles
[generic]                 4516    4827  93.6% -lh1- 8efc Apr  9  1992 boppindemomisc.tiles
[generic]                 4662    5300  88.0% -lh1- d4e3 Apr  9  1992 boppindemomonsters
[generic]                 1017    1576  64.5% -lh1- d2af Dec 13  1990 demo.font
[generic]                 1857    4119  45.1% -lh1- cbc2 Apr 10  1992 readme
[generic]                  526    1132  46.5% -lh1- 7d1d Mar 14  1991 small.font
[generic]                  805    1444  55.7% -lh1- a078 Dec 13  1990 title.font
[generic]                59177   63066  93.8% -lh1- 5ba7 Apr 10  1992 boppindemo.imgs
[generic]                79359  148580  53.4% -lh5- 74a6 Apr 11  1992 boppindemo
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 Total        13 files  326635  424502  76.9%            Sep  2  1995

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