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Short:AnimTRAC v1.0a - sync sound and anim together
Author:Martin Edwards
Uploader:badl strip net nz
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Welcome to "AnimTRAC!" v1.0a, (c)opyright 1997 Martin Edwards.
(In the red corner, animations of one resolution/bitplanes/palette.
 In the blue corner..)

Token legal jargon..
"AnimTRAC"   is Public Domain..
"AnimTRACsc" is NOT Public Domain (script-compiler)..
"CBF"        is Public Domain..
"RBF"        is Public Domain..

Instead of the usual documentation/readme, Dash will be asking dip-s**t
questions to get the reader/potential-user interested..

Fire away, Dash!

- Okaz, what is AnimTRAC!?

  Super effort that!
  The true genius that you are will register that in your head as
                                                Animation Tracker..

- Too right, what's a Tracker?

  Another word for sequencer, as in a music making program like OctaMED(tm)..

- So why not call it SuperHyperSpecialEditionTurboAlphaZero&FriendsTracker?

  Because AnimTRAC! looks better, besides i'd hate to get on the wrong side
  of those Capcom boyz.. sheesh..

- Okay then, why does Amiga need another Animation Sequencer then, surely
  there's plenty already out there?

  Well there's jack s**t really, and they're all bollocks..

- Erm, yeah.. So why is AnimTRAC the new standard in no-frills
  Animation Sequencing?

  Well put..

- Ouw shucks..

  For a start it's just bloody marvellous..
  Everything's double-buffered,
  frames can be of any resolution and up to 8-bitplanes on AGA,
  smooth fade'ins and outs and all a'bouts,
  multi-directional scrolling on big-overscan frames,
  plays ProTrackers and/or samples in any channel at any pitch,..

- Cor! Anymore and i'll explode all over your keyboard..

  I'll give you a 5-minute breather..

  (5-mins later)
- But wait! There's more?

  Multiple palette's,
  edit frames in numerous ways,
  frames are loaded to fastmem unless specified,
  optional-instant viewing of frames in chipmem,
  and most of all, a piss-easy syntax.. (and it's just version 1.0)

- Any free steak-knives then?

  HELL NO! I want you to be the next budding Eric-Schwartzy animator,
  not some crazy steak-knife-throwing-freak(tm). 
- Sorry. So how does the Dash go about using this thing then?

  Your an ascii-character Dash, you can't use anything..
  Anyway, there's no memory wasting cluttered gui to get in your way..
  All you need is your CEd equivalent text-editor and start typing..

- But i have no fingers..

  Well pull them out of your a**e!

- Say theoretically, the great Dash whisks up this great super-stonking
  animation/demo but everyone reads my script and just changes the
  filenames and mess it all up and shake it all about and, and..?
  That would really piss me off! or something.. er..

  No worries! Just send me all your money and i'll send you back your very
  own registered-copy of the "AnimTRAC script-compiler" which will convert
  your ascii-scripts into binary-scripts, for which some reason are much
  smaller (must be missing some vital bytes?). Plus you get a say in what's
  to be added/improved in future versions..

- What can possibly be improved? It sounds great as it is..
  Okay then, what if i'm watching someone's animation and it's really bad
  and i don't want to torture my shameless eyes anymore, or just want to
  prematurely-eject or something?

  Just hold Escape and when it can it'll free-up.. As for improvements,
  i wanted it to use datatypes so you could load gifs/pings etc but
  didn't understand the datatypes.library.. Couldn't use DataConvert (as
  found on the DataChrome(tm) disk) because it forgets to release half of
  it's allocated memory (chip, why oh why does it have to use chip). Damn
  gobble guts. DataChrome(tm)'s commercial right, well so it is but the file
  DataConvert has no copyrights in it unlike the DataChrome executable..

- This package sounds like it needs commentating from Graham Hughes or
  someone.. Anyway, now's about the time you scare everyone away by
  announcing it requires the amos.library?

  HELL!! NO WAY!! NOT ON YOUR NELLY!! It was written in the legendary
  Blitz Basic 2.1 (which i got for free somehow). No really, but all
  the vital-speed stuff is hand-coded (not #!&%-coded) in pure assembler..
  I luv 680x0 assembler by the way (intel's instruction set smells).. 
  Also everything is in amiga mode, and very amiga friendly (i would never
  stab amiga in the back! NOT!).

- Phew! I just hope he didn't quit reading before you could set me right..

  Well he's gone now so let's call him a dumb loser, pig-faced lump of s**t!

- Ha! Ha! Ha!

  Ho! Ho! Ho!

> Oakily doakily neighbour, howdily doodily todalily?


Contents of demo/aga/animtrac.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 6727   15292  44.0% -lh5- ef2f Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/AnimTRAC_readme.txt
[generic]                35483   70024  50.7% -lh5- 1549 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/c/AnimTRAC
[generic]                11042   28592  38.6% -lh5- 8943 Jan  5  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/c/CBF
[generic]                10748   27628  38.9% -lh5- 71bb Jan  5  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/c/RBF
[generic]                  332     689  48.2% -lh5- c3b4 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/example.ascii
[generic]                  245     268  91.4% -lh5- 99e4 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/background.cbf.xpk
[generic]                16124   16124 100.0% -lh0- 9ff3 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/shapes.cbf.xpk
[generic]                 1109    1112  99.7% -lh5- a5b2 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/title1.cbf.xpk
[generic]                  776     776 100.0% -lh0- 7808 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/title2.cbf.xpk
[generic]                 1432    1432 100.0% -lh0- e3fc Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/title3.cbf.xpk
[generic]                  591     612  96.6% -lh5- ee2c Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/title4.cbf.xpk
[generic]                  648     668  97.0% -lh5- 6476 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/title5.cbf.xpk
[generic]                  921     956  96.3% -lh5- d05a Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/title6.cbf.xpk
[generic]                 6105    6372  95.8% -lh5- d8fd Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/frames/title7.cbf.xpk
[generic]                21427   21772  98.4% -lh5- 6788 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/modules/End.xpk
[generic]                 8459    8500  99.5% -lh5- cb79 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/modules/Fight.xpk
[generic]                30184   30396  99.3% -lh5- 2a75 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/modules/Titles.xpk
[generic]                 2113   16714  12.6% -lh5- fd87 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/MortalStix_Episode1.ascii
[generic]                 1842    6778  27.2% -lh5- 763a Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/MortalStix_Episode1.bin
[generic]                 3927    3932  99.9% -lh5- 4072 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/HomeMade_fall.8svx.xpk
[generic]                 7026    7032  99.9% -lh5- de5d Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/HomeMade_laugh1.8svx.xpk
[generic]                17336   17336 100.0% -lh0- efce Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/HomeMade_laugh2.8svx.xpk
[generic]                 5560    5560 100.0% -lh0- 2b52 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/HomeMade_pain1.8svx.xpk
[generic]                 2748    2748 100.0% -lh0- d352 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/HomeMade_pain2.8svx.xpk
[generic]                 7316    7320  99.9% -lh5- 9bae Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/HomeMade_pain3.8svx.xpk
[generic]                 3270    3272  99.9% -lh5- b212 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/HomeMade_pain4.8svx.xpk
[generic]                 1084    1084 100.0% -lh0- d868 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/Ren&Stimpy_knock.8svx.xpk
[generic]                 6548    6548 100.0% -lh0- 1c8a Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/Ren&Stimpy_punch.8svx.xpk
[generic]                 4216    4216 100.0% -lh0- 9510 Jan  4  1980 AnimTRAC_1.0/MortalStix_Episode1/samples/Ren&Stimpy_swish.8svx.xpk
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        29 files  215339  313753  68.6%            Sep 13  1997

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