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Short:A nice minimal techno song with a twist
Author:amorel at
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This one I made in the first half of 1998. Originally meant to be sent out 
to a label. Which I even did. Though not their style(a nicer way then 
sayoing it sucks maybe, though I prefer honesty :) they encouraged me to 
send in more. At least I got a reply and that means something in the world 
of labels ;-)

The instruments used are an Amiga with Octamed SoundStudio, a Paia 
Fatman(duo oscilator monophonic analogue synthesizer, built by myself out 
of a "package" ( great synth), Boss Dr5, Zoom 1202 fx unit.

The blopping water like bass sound is done by some "inventive" synth 
programming. Well it`s rather easy to get. A fast attack on the filter and 
a quick release on the filter, high resonance and the filter almost closed. 
If I recall correctly. This sound goes through the fx unit which adds a 
combination of phaser and a little reverb. Same goes for the little 
woodblock, the melody like tone changes are actually caused by the phaser, 
it gives it a sort of filter change. The "haunting" background sound of the 
bass is also the synth, the filtered sound after the "blob" leaks through 
sort of, gives a nice touch. The tomdrums are 808 samples from the Dr5 and 
the bassdrum is a 909 sample from the Dr5. Clap, hihats and woodblock are 
genuine Amiga 8 bit samples :-) I forgot if the snare and that little 
sidekick kicking in halfway are Amiga or Dr5 samples, just proves how good 
Amiga sound is I`d say ;-) The clap by the way, is also put through the fx 
unit a tiny bit to give it an extra touch. 

I have always been very sitisfied with this song and it never bores me. It 
was meant to have a slight humouristic touch it and I think that worked 
out well. No overkill there ;-) I hope more people will appreciate it and 
because label owners didn`t seem to I decided to release it to the public 

All copyrights belong to me and this mp3 may only be spread 
for free. Although I make an exception for both the Aminet cd series and 
Amiga magazine cover cd`s. They may spread it on their cd`s. If anyone else 
wishes to add this to their commercial cd(or other medium) distribution 
please contact me.

Thanks for listening, back to the real life again ;-)

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