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Short:Merry Christmas '99! (OctaMED SoundStudio release)
Author:Hotcakes (Original by SideWinder)
Uploader:hotcakes a1bbs net au (Toby Zuijdveld)
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Havn't released anything for a while, have I...  well, here is my last
release for the year.  All my attempts at Xssy remixes this year have
failed and granted I havn't tried very hard, I havn't had a lot of time
lately either.

I not long ago went on a downloading rampage and now own every
SideWinder tune on AmiNet.  This tune struck me very quickly as being a
tune that should have sounded like this ;]

What have I been doing all this time, not releasing anything?  Well,
I've been doing some real kickass muzak.  Too good to just give away =]
And not much hardcore, which is another reason for this tune...  I feel
like I've been neglecting my roots!  NOOooo!  Happy Hard Fever Forever!

I've just been delving into and experimenting with a lot of differant
styles.  For instance, on my demoCD </plug>, every tune is a new
flavour.  We have the cheesy dance, god forbid, I did a cheesy dance
tune, I'm sorry!  It's catchy tho ;] A cheesy tekstepping tune, State
Of Light, download it from my homepage ;], a Garbarge-influenced (well,
it's what Garbage would sound like if they had hardcore origins;) track
called Dead Heart, a Born Slippy-inspired track - another remix of
SideWinder's tune - Tell Me - included on the CD with his kind
permission, thanks man!!!  And a serving of big beat coming from White
Christmas (also available for download from my homepage).  Dungeon,
State Of Light, Once Tell Me and White Christmas were all produced 100%
on my Amiiiga...  16bit cd qual of course.  Dead Heart, oh, poor old
Dead Heart, has been tampered with on eeeville Macintoshes...  Too many
vocals + effects for my struggling old Amy to handle I'm afraid.

ADAM!  I'm on holidays at the end of the week!  So let's get some
uploading happenning again eh!!!

Oh oh before I leave Australians make sure you attend Sunscape in
March!  It's the official end-of-Fringe Festival rave and it's gunna go
off!  And I'll be playing a live set ;] Look for the promo CD to be
released late January too!

Tek speks:
Format   -      MMD3 (OSS)
Speed    -      160 BPM
Channels -      20 (my new record, fantastic)
Playtime -      6:29 minutes
Blocks   -      28
Playlist -      32 blocks
Size     -      652592 bytes

Greets go to all in Crash'n'Burn Incinerated, Midnight Flip, cBa,
DJ K-0S and DJ Siege, SideWinder of course, DJ Korruption and to Tails,
who has broken my heart =[

And of course a huge Merry Christmas to my friends not mentioned
above, I love you all!  And to the listeners out there, TURN IT UP!

Want to contact me for any reason?  No, didn't think so.  :)

You can send EMail to me at : hotcakes at

You can view my homepage at :

PLUR to you all, especially to the beautiful ppl I met in the Trance
area at Enchanted Forest, DAMN did that go off!

PS Turn the volume up, this one's a bit soft, OSS's volume boost
    doesn't go high enough, 1080% is optimal!!!

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 Total         4 files  263011  677283  38.8%            Dec 23  1999

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