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Short:8ch. OSS groovedubjazzrelaxstuff!
Author:neurodancer at
Uploader:neurodancer gmx de
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                ___ __     ___  __ ___| __  ___ __  __ ___
               |  /(_/_(__)\  '(__)\__|(__l|  /(___(_/_\  '

                         presenting on 26-Mar-1999

                        " D e s e r t   G r a i n "

                       [OSS, 8 channels, 5:39 mins]

     Howdy, folks. After numerous attempts in fixing my sound hardware
    problems (maybe you remember older module .readme's), I've finally
    found the source of the problems. Seems as if my motherboard has a
   slight knack, and I'm glad that it could be worked around by removing
   the metal plate armoring the gameports of the A4000... hell, a friend
      of mine who's pretty good at soldering spent a lot of time with
   replacing the cinch audio ports and the gameports, and in the end it
               is such a damn fault within the motherboard.

   But on with info about this song! :) This is some sorta groovy funky
    funny jazzy piece of synthetical dubstuff... or whatever! I really
  don't know what I should call it, erm! I started with the goal to make
  some ethnically touched dubstuff, but as I added the groove to it, the
   whole thing went into a completely different direction - but I really
     like it! Its relaxed, its smooth, and it was great fun making it.

    I was tempted to replace the "synth" sounding instruments with more
    natural samples, but in the end I was both too lazy for it and too
  confident with the result with the synth instruments - this song still
    has that "computer music" feeling that I apreciate so much, yet its
  completely different from all the goa/trance stuff I've done so far in
                OSS. Hey, I'm really proud of this one! :)

       A big warm "thanks" to Bjorn 'Dr. Awesome' Lynne whose synth
    instrument I borrowed :) from the unused Alien Breed song that was
      spread because it didn't fit onto the disks (in fact I tried to
  replace it with a sample, but it fitted in so well that I just left it

   Enjoy playing this one... a moderately high volume level and a decent
       turn to the "+" side of the bass knob's scale on your amp is
                              recommended! :)

                             G r e e t i n g s

    To all in 1oo% (of course), Count Dan, Cowo, GDM, Grimlock, Juice,
      LhA v1.50r, Moon, Mr. E, Pride, Radiosity, xXx, Jazz, xXx-Tobi,
       Ochrana, SMC/Abyss, Teis, Zych, Nik, Sunbeam, Dexter, Crown,
    all the Karmamonsters, Gavin Lucas, Andreas Spreen, Nik, Kenneth...

   ...and to all the unmentioned others that fill the vacuum around me.

                           A d v e r t i s i n g

  I'm maintaining the "Aurora Borealis AHX collection" which started out
   of my very own AHX collection, and I'm looking for AHX modules (well,
  what else). If you have made any AHX modules yourself, why not contact
   me? I'm gathering "annotation" files from various AHX song authors at
    the moment, if I haven't been able to contact *you* out there yet,
        please drop me a short mail, I'd be glad to hear from you!

                               C o n t a c t

             In case you want to contact me, please write to:
        [please no modules/samples swapping, chatting preferred :)]

                            neurodancer at

    I do also run a BBS, but due to capital lazyness + capital lameness
    of many new users, its no longer open to the public, its for really
 interested callers & friends only. If you're interested in a good module
    area + many other goodies AND can cope with BBS software OTHER than
                  AmiExpress-clones, just drop me a mail.

         You can find most of my modules (back to 1987) on Aminet,
                          directory "mods/neuro"

      Fate did all of the collecting/uploading/converting to LhA for
           the Aminet directory; dude, I really owe you one! :)

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