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Short:Flying through the Dreampark (Trance)
Author:neurodancer at (Neurodancer)
Uploader:fate frankfurt netsurf de (Pieter Hollants)
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Some times I hear the bells of another land...

Howdy folks,

Neurodancer/1oo% is here again with another tune to bore you.  You maybe
heard this one in the "Enlight '96" invitation intro from Looker House (in
case you turned of your fastmem - YUK!!), my former group.

Yes, former group, I left them for personal reasons (there where no
quarrels or so, I just wanted to leave the group for good, thats all).

But some words about the music:  this track called "Flying through the
dreampark" was done one year or even longer ago, I put some finishing touch
on it (actually, the version used in the intro had a quite detuned bassline
which you'll hear best using headphones - ugly!), its mainly a nice piece
of trance I'd say, although the drumtrack is quite "breakbeatish", but its
a very nice and relaxing athmosphere I'd say.

You see, I really like this tune, it has some bits & pieces that make it
something special to me - I don't know how to tell, but somehow its both
uplifting and melancholic in my opinion.  I'm rather attracted to the dark,
sad and melancholic side of life, I simply can't handle the bright and
funny things on this world for long, as they always appear to me as if they
are only hiding the tension, the storm under the surface.  Or to say it
with the words of Faithless from their great track Salva Mea:  "just below
my skin I'm screaming..." - I guess thats us, the thinking human beings.

Anyway.  I hope you do like this track as much as I do (or even more, who
knows?) and have some relaxing 5 or so minutes while playing it.  Rest your

Greetings & respect to all the countless contacts I ever had, the trusty
and worthy friends I have had for a long time, and the few people in the
Amiga scene who did not lose their sense of proportion for the sake of
0-day stuff, aggressive bbs adding and all that shit that pollutes the
initial feelings of friendship and fun.

However, leaving this scene and the Amiga would mean to me that I betrayed
myself in the last 9 years, a feeling that I definitely do NOT have.
Sometimes its fun, sometimes not, the way of life - head up.  Even if there
won't be no more Amigas (who knows?), I'm gonna stick to this wonderful
machine, and I know there will be a few others who think just like me, and
then Amiga really is a legend, joining the line of the 64.

If you want to contact me, send email to neurodancer at, but
*please* do not ask me to send modules or start sample swapping and stuff,
I fear I don't have the time for those activities anymore:

You know, we're all getting older, and the daily struggle for money, food
and stuff the like is quite time consuming in the long run, so I rather
spend my spare time with a good book and a glass of wine or doing something
that I really *like* in front of my computer (that is, making music and
doing some anscii gfx) than copying stuff onto stupid disks or x-fer files
via the net.

Uh-oh, got quite carried away!

If there is any *german* group out there who does care for FUN (more that
for topping the charts and ranking high in demo competitions), then feel
free to contact me if you are interesting in an old and lazy
"mostly-techno" musician.

Oh yes, "mostly techno":  to the people (you know who you are) that claim
techno is dead...  just one thing:  first, learn to make real and
interesting music, and then start judging over styles and music you don't
understand.  I don't think that boring funk tunes are that much artwork.

Have a nice night,

Neurodancer/1oo% death I've found the answer, in death I live again;
   fear not the reapers blade - it does not mean the end.

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