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Short:The new Beginning (older Module by Neurodancer/1oo%)
Author:neurodancer at (Neurodancer)
Uploader:fate frankfurt netsurf de (Pieter Hollants)
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Hi there!

All right then...  "whats that?!" you might ask, and here's the answer...
this is one out of a few really *old* modules I did really quite some time
ago...  must've been in the years between 1991 and 1993 I'd say, I'm not
really sure when I did those modules, maybe they are even older.  :)

I was just playing around with the latest PT3.61 beta by RD10 and started
to listen to all this old unreleased stuff when I found that it wouldn't
harm anyone if I release them (until you are allergic against not so damn
new modules that are technically far from being perfect, hehe).

To do something good <?!> for the evolution of the new Protracker IFF
module format, I converted all of those modules into the new format so you
just have to get PT3.60+ to listen to them...  <hehe> OR even better you
pass these modules to the coder of any modplayer for the Amiga, begging him
to include the new format into the player really soooooon!

All the modules I'm releasing under this "classic synth's" title are what I
call "from the golden age of music on the Amiga", when there were DOZENS of
absolute great and *active* musicians, and Amiga modules smoked every PC
soundblaster crap in both quality and technique.  Maybe these modules bring
you back a glimpse of the "goode ole days" of Amiga'ing.  Funny how we
always look back with sweet memories, eh?  :)

About this module:

"The new Beginning" was done shortly after the union of the groups "Arise"
and "Beyond" into the new and nowadays quite known demogroup "Abyss" (which
I was a former member of).  The middle part of the module always sounded to
me like "peace, joy, and a christmas tree", I can't help it :) ...  hehe.
nevertheless, the arrangement and overall appearance is quite okey I'd say.
The samples (partly) have their origin somewhere in Norway from the time
when I was heavily swapping samples with Anders "the mad martian" Hamre of
Amiga Freelancers (remember the first PROtrackers?  yeah!) together with a
really nice mail exchange.  The contact suddenly got lost, I don't know for
what particular reason.  So, if you know Anders (or if you are reading this
yourself!!!), give him a warm greet and handshake, he was one of the most
"normal" guys I ever had contact to, friendly and just "human", it was a
really nice time back then!

In case you want to contact me now, here's my email address...  I'm far too
lazy to answer snailmail letters and really have better things to do than
catch the mysterious opening times of german post offices.  Please write to
"neurodancer at" - and do me a favor, don't ask me to send
you my modules, I'm not in the position to play wellfare.

My greets & respect to Atomizer, Clone, Megaman, all of the dudes that are
somehow related to the "1oo%" movement, all in the trancing Looker House,
all members & particiants in the strange world of Coconet, Terminator/Dusk,
Pride/Stellar, Heavy Metal & ElectroPig, Radiosity & the rest of the weird
Berlin tribe, Ramsey, Donald, Fraggle...  and to all the others who know me
and are in touch with me, including YOU.

Amiga til I die!


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