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Short:'Come My Way' Final XM version by AiRoN
Author:aronchce at
Uploader:aronchce sp zrz tu-berlin de
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 This piece was started on the Amiga in summer last year and
 it the Amiga version that is featured on the 'BLT' music disk by
 Epinicion.I hope to have imporved on it enough to warrant this
 release but in any case I'm as proud of this song as of any I've

 My intention was to compose a moving song.I started out by
 recreating the drum track from 'Stranger in Moscow' and not wanting
 to 'copy' totally , I rearranged the drums to the pattern that you'll
 hear at the beginning. The following drum tracks were created right
 after that. Then the chord progressions followed along with the bass.
 I'd like to mention the great chords by Jogeir Liljedahl that I used
 for this ,as I didn't have a synth at that time.The XM version features
 the addiotional use of single voice built chords that vary a bit from
 the single sample chords.
 The melody. Well I must say I didn't like it at first.
 If you don't like 'em , listen to it a bit.It'll grow on you.

 The Protracker has a great sample editor(gazzillion times better than
 Fasttracker2.04) featuring a 'Boost' function that I aplied to the
 drums.  The drums never use more than two voices but I was too
 caught up in improving the other parts to work on this too much.
 And besides, I'm used to working with only a voice or two and you'll
 see this in the patterns where I use samples that sometimes are
 sequence mixed to give a smooth feel with only one voice.

 Now for some of the sample creds though you'll find them in the
 module too.

 The drums were sampled from Michael Jackson's 'Stranger in Moscow'
 of the History album with my Technosound sampler on the Amiga.

 Samples 9,20 and 21 were directly sampled from my Roland JV-1080
 with a SB16 and Fasttracker2.04(borrowed a PC in those days:).
 (Mondo Bass,Vocchoir&Whaterrhodes)

 The single sample chords were taken from material by Jogeir Liljedahl.
 He's one of our many four voice Amiga masters :))

 Heatbeats 'Space Love' provided me with the chorus leads.I think they
 fit quite nicely.I can't forget that interview in RAW7(or6).

 The vocal choir(backing in the quiet part) came from a song by some
 Radical Rythem guy. I think Toxic Trancer made that one.Great sample.

 The panflute. Well, I thought I shoulda replaced with a different sample
 but as I was unable to find a good replacement, so I left it in there.
 Taken from a Jogeir Liljedahl song.I think I've had that sample
 in my leads collection for a while(4 years?).
 That about wraps it up for the creds wouldn't you say ?
 Somehow you empiric gits are right but I wouldn't put an emphasis
 on providing sample creds all the way.

  Now for some dedications and greets.

    Juice , Pirat , FBY and all the other guys at Phase Distortion.

     Skyphos ,  Sharon , Andy , Grond , Nero , Stone and all the
     guys I haven`t met yet of the Matrix crew.

  Ms.Saigon - :) Sadly I won't be on the IRC anymore it seems.
               and I'm married too you know . Hehe. Just joking?
  Basehead - Personally I like your style(yes there is one:) more than
             Andys. But as I love music in general you score just as
             high as anyone with groove up his ass and ability to
             send shakes into my soul.
    Necros - Great instruments on the Party5 tune but I thought the
             amount of material was nothing short of scandalous.
             My favoroute tune of yours is light.s3m 'cause it playes
             funny(bass wave) on my old Amiga S3M player.I don't like
             the correct version as much 8D.

   Axel - Thanks for that PC. The tune was finished on a 386DX/40,
          proving that a GUS hardly needs processor power.

  Redd Ka - Very cool tunes. Good grooves that I find hard to locate
            in the PC scene :). OctaMED is another ruling force.
            Coming to the PC soon (OctaMED Studio).
            Don't ya wanna cry.

      *BIG EXHALE*  That's all for now folks.

 Ripping:  I absolutly do not want you to ripp these samples for use
             in your own songs unless you realy want to and gimme some
                credit if you use the drums or samples 9,20,21 :).
                  In other words , be my guest.
                   Use without crediting will be punished by severe
                    behaviour modification therapy provided by our
                     trusted folks at the Blazemonger Customer Service
                      department(read comp.sys.amiga.advocacy or get
                       the Dan Barret text files from AMinet:)

   For sample and music swapping gimme a buzz at :

     E-Mail :  aronchce at

     Tel.: +49 - 30 - 3138990 (local people only unless you're rich)

        I'm a member of Matrix and Phase Distortion.
  Why in that order ? Cause it sounds better when spoken :)
 Remember Future Crew ? Hmm.If I get to do what I want with Sharons
 routines we'll put up a good fight at the Assembly96 >:). - AiRoN

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