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Short:UUCP gateway for Faxes
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                                E-Mail to Fax Gateway

                                 By: Carlos Amezaga

	FaxGate is Freeware and can be distributed far and wide so long as
this archive, documentation and code within remain intact and unmodified.
Users of this software are allowed to modify the code in any way the like
so long as they do not distribute those changes.  GP Software is given
permission to distribute or make avaliable this softare in any way it sees

What is FaxGate?

	FaxGate is AREXX UUCP software to be used with AmigaUUCP.  I have
only tested it on AmigaUUCP Version 1.16D and don't know if it will work
with older versions.  FaxGate is really two programs.  One stores incoming
E-Mail in a special Fax queue.  Then it is up to the user to run the
correct AREXX script to Fax all those E-Mails out to the world.

How it works..

	FaxGate couldn't be simpler.  It requires that you have a FaxModem
and GPFax Software installed on your system as well as the obvious
AmigaUUCP.  Any Sendmail should work.  I have tested it with Kai's version
of Sendmail and it works fine.

	What you need to do is go ahead and put both Fax_Store.gpf and
Fax_Send.gpf in your GPFAX: directory.  If you do not have this directory
assigned, DO SO NOW.  Then you will need to set two aliases in your
UULIB:ALIAS file (If you are using Dillon's Sendmail) so that it looks like

fax:  |rx gpfax:Fax_Store.gpf
faxgate:  postmaster       <---- This should point to the user in charge of
                                 maintanence on your system which is usually
                                 the postmaster.

	If you are using Kai's Sendmail, then you will need to create two
text files in your UUMAIL: directory.  One will be fax and the other
faxgate.  The text in fax should read like so:

forward to |rx gpfax:Fax_Store.gpf

	The text within faxgate should look like so:

forward to postmaster      <---- This should point to the user in charge of
                                 maintanence on your system which is usually
                                 the postmaster.                            

	Once you have set that, then you will need to create a crontab
entry to execute Fax_Send.gpf every so often.  If Fax_Send.gpf is executed
and there is nothing in the Fax queue it will exit promptly.

My Crontab entry look like so:

22 *  *  *  * rx GPFax:Fax_Send.gpf

It is up to you to set up the times to fax as you see fit.

	Once you have all that installed, all a user has to do is send mail
to fax at your.system with a subject which looks like this:


So in effect your mail header would look like this before you send mail

To: fax at your.system
Subject: call#5593145

	You must have the call# instruction preceding the number or
Fax_Send will reject the E-Mail.  I have also set up Fax_Send so that it
checks for these numbers within the call# command:

411,611,911,,976 and any number greater than seven digits.  The reason I
did a check for seven digits is because anything greater would be
considered a long distance number from my site.  If you wish to add or
delete from this list go ahead and do so.  If anyone tries to send mail
using any one of those conditions, an E-Mail error will be sent back and it
will be Cc: to the postmaster on your system so that you know what is going

Things to do...

	Remember to edit Fax_Store.  It appends a signature file which is
auto appended to all out going faxes.  

What Else...

	That's it.  You should have a workable FaxGate on your UUCP system.
Just remember that FaxGate only works with Text.  No Fancy Stuff, just
enough to get the Message accross using normal ASCII.  Remember that GPFax
interprets / and \ as commands so that a user is able to have effects such
as BOLD and Italics.  Also you my want to Change the Defualt Font GPFax
Uses from GPFax to something like Topaz-Classic or some such.  Or you can
make a copy of the GPFax Font and  Edit these characters < = > so that they
display normally after GPFax Converts the ASCII to GPfax Format.  If you
set GPFax so that it makes 10 Fax Attempts with a twenty second Delay, this
will be honered as well.  Set this in your GPFax environments.

Where to find Me...

	If you have any comments, bug reports, or just want to say Hi, you
can E-Mail me at:

postmaster at

or Fax:

+1 305 559 3145


%    __     % UUCP: postmaster at  % I Tried MS-DOS Once %
% __///     % DATA/FAX: +1 305 559 3145              % But Didn't Inhale.  %
% \\//Amiga % System Administrator                   %        --D.Atkins-- %

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